About us

 Qingdao Austrian Anderson Electronic Company is a Sino-foreign joint ventures. Nowadays, with the increasing fierce technological competition , Our company put more efforts into Research and Developed technology and the construction of the development system. Also we are maintaining close cooperative relationship with the domestic and internationally technological development partners. Our company is specialized research and production of electronic devices and industrial levels by granite measuring instrument and components manufacturers. Companies solid technical strength, which has strong design and development capability and rich production experience. Austrian Anderson Electronics Company has consistently adhered to the "customer requirements as the design, manufacture products starting point; Through technological advances, continuing to improve product quality, "quality guidelines, and for continued efforts.
  We have consistently 3B business philosophy : "Quality first, service first, the best price" (Best Quality, Best Service, Best Price). We will move with the times and open up new creative and technical teams continue to all With superior products for domestic and international customers with the best service.

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